Afrikan Divination Bone & Tarot Readings, Majikal, Mystikal Healing Sessions, Healing the Shadow Self

Now is the time to step into yourself and heal your hidden fear!

Take charge of your life and live in purpose!

Move into the you  that you forever see your self as being!

Heal your energy field and "lighten up" and attract more of your dreams and desires.!


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Afrikan Divination Reading-

Take an look at your life circumstances from the outside in.  Exam your life and environment, the people and circumstance affecting you in your life, and learn how to overcome any obstacles that you have placed before you.  Heal your hidden emotions and attachments and move forward with more knowledge and be empowered in your choices.

Full LIfe Session - 1 hr. - $  1/2 hr. - $65.00

Mini Sessions - This reading involves the rocks, stones, bones and other "toys of nature" and also the New Orleans Voodou Tarot, Tikar Spider deck, and other goodies which will cover your immediate past, present and future and the Beyond Vision Contemplation Card and (my own design)  Spirit Channeling to assist with the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.  A general reading and opportunity to ask question (3 maximum) concerning your life and have them answered with though wisdom and honesty.

Full Life Session - Everything listed for the mini seesion plus A Tree of Life reading and/or The twelve houses of your life (astrology) can be examined and a yearly forecast also given. This session involves more emotional and empowerment healing and also provides more information.


Majikal Mystikal Healing Session -

Remote or distant - sessions can be done online with a guided visualization through me to you or simply by your request and our agreement without the visualization and in the privacy of your selected space. I send the healing forth using my majik Reiki and other symbols. Remember that as long as you are willing and open you will receive the benefits. I will assist you with the healing of others only with their permission in most cases as there are expceptions.  You will experience a feeling of "lightened energy and a clearer more focused mental state, a release of stress pain, and tension, clairty and vitatlity and a healing of the physical body

Full Tune up .....1hr(plus)*.....$ boost 1/2(p) *hr $65,00

(session may run up to 15 min over time for debriefing)

Mini Boost - Performed in a sitting position - The intent of this session is to re-align the bodies energy centres allowing the body to release and let go in order to maintain a higher lever of energy. A hands on session of Spirit Channeling Reiki Hefaling, Intuitive Reflexology and muscle manipulation with a firm gentle touch to release stress, tension, negative emotions and feelings, pain and more.  Also included for clearing is the sacred sage plant, Tibetian singing bowls  crystals, rocks and gentle toning.  This diverse mix of tools is guaranteed to move you to a higher vibration and towards optimum health and healing.

Full Tune-up - Performed on a massage table - The intention of this session is to move through the body from head to toe releasing energy blocks that create pain, and negative emotions and feelings that have been stored over lifetimes.  A hands on session of Spirit Channeling, Reiki Healing, Intuitive Reflexology and muscle manipulation with a firm, gentle touch to release stress, tension, negative emotions and feelings, pain and more.  Added clearing with the scared sage, Tibetian singing bowls, crystals, rocks and gentle toning.This diverse mix of tools is guaranteed to move you to a higher vibration and towards optimum health and healing.


Empowerment Sessions - The Sacred Shadow Self or Living your Life's Purpose or Embracing the Goddess Within - 6 week session (approximately)

There is a part of us that hides in fear, frustration, anger, shame, guilt and resentment.  It reveals itself when we become depressed or when we become triggered by a sound, sense, taste, feel or words from someone else.  We sometimes can loose control of our True self at these times.  I offers sessions to assist you to heal this fractured fearful part of the Self that may need a book to take the next step forward in life.  We work together in different ways, sometimes I design exercises for you to work on and then we come together on Skype or messenger and work with guided visualizations, readings and others tools to move you into a place of comfort and well being.

The Sacred Shadow Self - deals with the Inner Child that may feel inadequate, fearful, shamed , the part of you that is holding on too tightly to childhood memories and fears.  The exercises for this session will assist you to take power of your life and heal and embrace the fractured self.  Also included in this course is a reading before, during and after the session (tarot readings are focused on the sessions and will be emailed to you)

Living Your LIfe's Purpose - helps to connect with your hidden passions and re-focus your life.  You will let go of the barriers that hold you back from moving forward and re-connect with a place deep within where your fire burns brightly.

Embracing the Goddess Within - This session is for those who have been abused in any way and assists in reclaiming the Feminine Aspect with pride and joy.  Using the personalites of the Greek Goddesses we explore our inner being and mend the fractured parts of the self that shrivel from neglect, reject, and unfair treatment.


Three Month Personal Daily Forecast Reading - $180.00

This reading is for those of you who like be prepared for you life on a daily basis.  It provides a look into your life every day with a weekly and monthly Spirit channeled summary (one card per day). This is an excellent way to get a "feel"of things before you make any serious decisions in life and it will provide an idea of the flavor of your life circumstances ahead of time.

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Full Life Reading or Full Tune-up Healing

$ 120.00 CAD

Prepare and plan for the next step on your journey, take charge of your health, your destiny.


Mini Boost Healing or Mini Reading

$ 65.00 CAD

Become re-aligned with your purpose in life and take charge of your health


Empowerment Session (6 weeks) or 3 month Forecast Reading

$ 180.00 CAD

Sacred Shadow Self,  or                          

  Living Your Life's Purpose or

Embracing the Goddess Within six week course


Three month Forecast Reading


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