Living Your Life's Purpose

 On-line Program

Releasing Your Karmic Imprint


on-line workshop

If your are ready to do the work then keep on reading.  I offer a program guarateed to get you focused and moving  on the right path to letting go of your unsconscious motives that hold your karmic imprints in place.  The tools that you learn here are life long and can assist you to  vibrate at a level hgh enough that eventually the old programming  will not adhere.  My mission is to assit you to move the darkness into the light and move forward on your life's journey. So if you are ready then join me for this life-changing experience.

In the comfort of your own home

Living your Life's Purpose is an online workshop, custom designed to suit your needs.  It consists of a six week program of exercises, guided visualizations, a daily forecast reading and one to one debriefing sessions.   With the use of tools such as Skype we can we can enjoy private intimate consultations at any time.  The program is designed to be integrated into your every day life so it become a part of your dally routine and is meant to reprogram the old dysfunctional unconscious motives.

The Urban Warrior

Surviving Everyday Mundane and Becoming the Warrior

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