Kind Thoughts and Words

In pursuant of my passion to work as a Psychic/Healer I have had the opportunity to travel and share my gifts with many.  I have crossed the path of so many great and wonderful people who through our sharing instilled me with these gifts that are too profound to verbalize.  I am humbled and have endless appreciation for the opportunities to work on this level with others.  This feeling was based on a mutual agreement and I am honored to share some of the kind words that I have received as a result of this.   (All sessions are available either personally or online)

Spooks in the house?

One aspect of my work is "house cleaning" which entailsl energetically clearing a place of negative old energy and sometimes involved disembodied beings, spirits or ghost and sometimes entities.  Most often the energy of a place just needs to be "refreshed" and cleared of old thought patterns and memories, but at other times.....

Hello Embers

My name is L and I received your e-mail address from ---------. I just talked to her on the phone today and explained what I am looking for. She suggested to get in touch with you. 

Here is the situation: my family and I have lived in a house in Halfmoon Bay for 12 1/2 years. Shortly after the house was built for us, strange occurrences started happening. They were far apart so we took a mental note of them and each time just went on with our lives. One of the first ones was a little scary - a native mask hanging above our bed in our bedroom came down at night barely missing my husband who just woke up and moved his head away to get a drink of water that was sitting by the bed. Over the years we had a lot of strange occurrences - cups splitting in half while sitting in a cupboard, steps creaking for no reason at all, candles falling without being hit or tipped over, ....earlier, we attributed lots of that to my father who used to live with us and passed away. Eventually, --------- sent him to the light (he used to attach himself to my older son) and everything seemed to calm down with the exception of few "strange" things happening here and there.

When my younger son moved away in September and we decided to sell the house things really started happening - T.V going off for no reason, different noises, steps going down the stairs. door shutting on its own, heavy breathing...Needless to say that we had no luck selling the house.

I would like somebody to communicate with the entity because he/she is really trying to get our attention.  And perhaps help him or her move on.......

Can you get in touch with me and let me know how that can happen?




Healing the Mind Body, Spirit and putting the Soul at Ease

I remember as a child watching a movies about a "Hands on Spiritual Healer" who worked out of a big tent.  I was about five or six years of age but I realized at that time that I could heal with my hands also.  It was not until I was an adult in my late thirties that I was told that I also healed with my words. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have themself free of stress, tension, pain, mental congestion, sluggishness and........

Hi  Embers

First off I want to thank you so much for your healing gifts. You are truly astounding.  I left Gibson's with a new feeling of awareness and self confidence. When I got home of coarse my kids felt and saw my change. They get a bit antsy when this happens. But I did my best to keep cool and when I found myself getting wound up I went to my room and sent love to my child inside. I had to do it a couple of times. It is so easy. As I went to sleep last night I did it and the bladder control exercises you showed me.  I already feel things shifting in a big way... I don't feel so much pressure in my bladder any more, releasing all that child hood stuff was a huge factor, and I have had issues around the bladder for 40 years.  And I got some nettle and raspberry leaf so started that. Nice stuff. And today I woke up feeling good and not wonky at all for the first time in years. I also started menstruating perfect timing.

L    6/2010












Past Life Clearing

I believe that quite often intense habits and fears can be associated with an event that occured in a past life.  I also beleive that the issue can be resolved in this lifetime not only healing the past but also the present which puts us on a stronger foothold to create our future...

Hi Embers: 
If possible I need another reading as soon as you are able. 

I have had a bit of a break through and I need you to please confirm and direct me on this. You are one of the very few people I trust and I am asking that when you do this reading please don't hold anything back.  I am ready!

It is about a past life in Victorian times and about the abuse in this present life. is time for me to deal with this, heal it and leave it behind.

Looking forward to chatting with you.
I hope you are doing well. 


(Online) Readings

As I mentiioned I have given many many readings in my lifetime and 99% of the time my clients are satisfied with the results.....

Hello Embers,

Thank you for your wonderful reading and healing session last Wednesday at The Green Cottage in Sechelt.  I got a lot out of it.

I hope you will e-mail me when you come into Vancouver next time, I would love to talk with you again.  You also mentioned some courses you offer - I would really appreciate you sending me more information on them.

Take care speak with your soon

B.         09/2007

Hello Girlfriend!
I just wanted to thank you so much for the great reading!  I think you have unstuck me!!!!!

How I have missed communicating with you. Here's to Skype!!

I love your laugh and your bubbly personality!  You are one terrific woman! 

I will look forward to working with you in the near future.  I will be sending positive thoughts and healing prayers your way.  I hope you feel better soon.

Can't wait for that new book of yours.  Talk to you soon

C     1/

 Hi Embers,

I've really enjoyed speaking with you on several occasions when I have had the pleasure to do so. I find you to be very insightful and kind - a very good and loving person and it is nice to know you!

My daughter also really enjoyed playing with your grand-daughter at a concert that we both attended in 2006 and it was wonderful to watch them play tag and just have fun on a beautiful day outdoors.

I am a very devout and practicing Catholic so I don't normally ever go to anybody for "readings" but I did get a reading from you one time many years ago when I first met you at a concert and I found you to be very insightful. I am generally antithetical to any "readings" but I found your presence to be very warm and healing and I wanted to find out more about your healing work and I found that it was nice speaking with you and that you were insightful and that what you said rang true.

And when I met you another time in Gibsons in 2008 after having lost my job and my main source of income perhaps largely due to the economic crisis, you encouraged me to organize public seminars and do what I know I am called to do which is public education about health and teaching about the love of Christ and so you gave me good advice. Nobody could ask for more than that so I thank you! Big hugs and much love! Suzanne D.

June 9, 2010 


Thank you so much for working through that with me. I appreciate it more then you that was silly it say.....of course you are psychic! LOLOL
I feel great right now! I really do!
Oh one last were telling me where I would be moving and the call it __________or________????, is it this summer or is it 2010 why am I asking you my intuition tells me this summer but not sure of what place???? Thank you!
My son and daughter would both like a reading. I will discuss with them what it is they are looking for and I will send you an email to let you know.
Thanks again. I look forward to our next chat.

Take care of yourself.




 (Online) Workshops and Empowerment Sessions

In order to move forward in our lives we sometimes need assistance in bringing down those walls that we may keep bumping up against.  We may feel that we do not have the time but how many hours do we dwindle away at the computer.  Well here is a reason and an opportunity to put that time to use...


Hope all is well your way. Hope your feeling ok!

I want to thank you for the wonderful reading, it was greatly appreciated and helped me to clarify a few things.

I would like to further my development and healing. I know that I discussed working on past life's but I am wondering if I should focus more on trying to protect these sensitive ears of mine.  I couldn't believe it when you said that to me because you were right on the money on that. I have to learn to filter it etc. It truly exhausts me and drains a lot of my energy.

I was also wondering how to learn to understand or distinguish between my energy and picking up others around me. I have noticed that my intuition is functioning at a higher level and would like to work on expanding it. Not that I am able to see aura's but I see colours swirling around and I have figured out that deep blue is a really good energy and colour for me. I am hoping you can work on these things with me.
Looking forward to hearing from you
C. 2010