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As a multifaceated being I am involved in various types of events.  I also support those who network through various sources in promoting their dreams.  If you have a dream to share that follows the theme of this site, please let me know and we can prosper together.  So allow me to share my passions with you.

  • I support the health, well being and empowerment of mind body and spirit of all beings.  
  • I encourage everyone to allow the creative juices to flow and express them in as many ways as possible and at every opportunity
  • I allow others to espress themself and have whatever control they require in their space as I have in mine.
  • I aspire to see who you are and be Who I Am
  • I only ask that you join me in a life of affluence and wealth and well being.

The Moon Lounge - April 13, 2014 - A One Day Goddess Retreat 

Within our past Matriarchal Societies and present today in some Indigenous people’s practice, the Moon Lodge (as we shall name it) represents the Womyn’s Society.  Womyn coming together in a sacred environment to share knowledge, heal, and restore them self to continue on with life’s journey.  My interpretation of this is what the Moon Lounge is all about.

Moon Lounge will be a place where Womyn come together in Sacred Space for renewal.  There will be a sharing of stories through spoken word and music.  Healers and Readers will be available for sessions, and vendors with products to enhance your journey.   The goal is to create a time of relaxing, releasing, rejuvenating, the three ‘Rs” of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit in today’s society.

The venue will be a place where as a group we can hold the energy of healing to create a safe, comforting, atmosphere.  The Readers and Healers will be those who play a role in Womyns healing through their work.    The products sold will support Womyns empowerment and healing.  The presenters will provide words to assist Womyn to move past limitations and services. 

If this resonates with you then please join me in this “Moon Lounge” experience at Healing Movements Yoga Centre. #115-8377D 128 St, Surrey B.C.


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