Celebrating Everday Majik

     Waking up in the morning, thinking  how our day is going to pan out and getting up energized and ready to jump into life is Everyday Majik.  When we choose to learn to look forward to our days and accept life’s ups and downs without going into major upset or depression we live in Majik.  In order to get there we may need a boost of some kind.  It may be words, finding a way to turn our thoughts around, scent, clearing our energy to vibrate at a higher level, having a reading to clear our mental, emotional, state, and healing sessions to balance the energy or some other form of healing modality.  This is what Majik Moments is about; Helping you to take the steps to move forward on your journey in life.  If you are curious about any of this then please read on and enjoy; I also invite you to leave comments of any kind if you please to improve the quality of this site.

     As a Spiritual Empowerment Coach I assist you in removing the mental, physical, and emotional limitations that  are holding you in a dys -functional pattern.  I also assist you in attaining a clearer focus on your life and your life's purpose and  align you with your higher goals in this lifetime.  I create custom made healing products to enhance your journey.  I have also written a book Beyond Vision Contemplation Book and Cards © to assist in aligning the energy fields to a higher vibration and clearing the energy centres to build a stronger foundation.  When you combine this with my compassionate listening skills, and honest and accurate ability to assess your issues in life you have the resource that you need to provide you with the new tools that may be necessary to help you to reach your next level of growth in your life. 

     Beyond Vision Contemplation Book & Cards 

 Now Available


Embers Moore

Spiritual Empowerment Coach


Afrikan Divinator -

Bone & Tarot Reader

Psychic Consultant

Medicyn Womyn


Beyond Vision Contemplation 

Book & Cards

This has been a ten year project that I am finally seeing come to fruition.  I have grown in leaps over the past few months working on the final draft of this book.  I finally was able to read over the book and enjoy what I had written and work through the guided visualizations and exercises that were not only fun but very rewarding.

The cards are more beautiful than I could have imagined them to be.  The combination of the book and the cards as a visual tool is a fun way of learning.  I have provided very simple tools and exercises to work with that you can carry with you on your life's journey. The book is loaded with basic information about the chakras, some outcomes when they are blocked and when they are not, different crystals to work with, the five lower bodies,  and so much more.  I hope that you enjoy reading the book as much as I have writing it.

For more information contact me at majik@majikmomentshealing.ca