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Empowerment Coach
As a coach I assist you in finding your passions in life and work with you to stay focused and grounded in what it is that you truly desire.  I help to move you  towards empowement  and guide you to reach your personal best in life with the assistant of your guides and helpers.

Afrikan Divination Readings

Afrikan Divination Bone & Tarot readings are a way of working directly with the Ancestors to obtain a focused peek at your life circumstances. 
The reading consists of throwing the bones (rock, stones, bones,and other toys of nature) onto the mat you see in the adjoining picture and reading how they fall into the twelve houses.  (The cards shown here are New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, by Louis Martinie and Sally Ann Glassman) Each of the objects seen in the heart shaped box in the centre of the mat (see picture) holds a meaning (e.g. health, obstacles, child, opportunity etc.) and tells a story about you, and other people close to you in your life.  A minimum of two decks of tarot are use, two being Afrikan tarot and other decks including my own deck "Beyond Vision Contemplation cards. I also use my fine tuned intuitive skills.  
These readings will reveal your life to you and give you an inside out look at you in your life.  The readings cover you as an individual,your home life, environment,  business, family, career, emotions, obstacles, finances, opportunities, relationships and more.  You also receive information and tools to move through any obstacle or limitations in all areas of your life. 

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Come join me at the Mother Earth Psychic Fair in Coquitlam April 24

2-1111 Austin Ave Coquiltam (above Reflections Books)

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